How long from order to commencement in your garden?

We typically commence working on-site within 6 weeks of order placement, subject to material availability. It takes approximately 12 working days to complete the installation of the studio.

What type of guarantee do you provide?

Your garden studio comes with a 10-year structural warranty certified by a registered structural engineer. Manufactures guarantees for all products are provided for the materials used in the studio.

Do I need to get planning permission?

No. Planning permission is not required provided the size of the studio does not exceed 25m2.

Who prepares our garden?

Following our site survey, we will advise you if your garden requires preliminary works prior to our installation team arriving.

Is your garden studio warm in winter?

Yes. We build all our studios to exceed the new building regulations, so they are thermally as efficient as a new build home. They will keep you warm even on the coldest winter days.

What type of doors & windows do you use?

We use bespoke hardwood doors with a 3-point locking system and triple-glazed hardwood windows. All hardwood is lacquered in the workshop achieving a very durable finish that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

What are the exterior finish options for cladding?

We offer a range of cladding options ranging from ‘Durawood’, a thermally modified hardwood to Canadian Redwood Cedar and Siberian larch.

What maintenance is required on the wood cladding?

Wood is a natural material, and the UV of the sun's rays will bleach the timber silver. Depending on your choice of cladding we recommend a maintenance treatment every 2 to 5 years.

Do you offer sound proofing options for your studios?

Our studios are designed to the highest insulation and soundproofing standards. Our wall “build-up” consists of a 150mm Rockwool placed within the structural frame and a 60mm dense rigid insulation board. This superior, specification allows you to use your studio as a quiet room or alternatively a home studio.

What are your payment terms?

* We require a 30% deposit on the signing of the contract. * 50% payment to be made when materials arrive on-site & work commences * 20% balance on completion.

Why should I use MOA to build my garden studio?

* It is architecturally designed with precision finishes and detailing * Choice of cladding options * Triple glazed units to all windows * Choice of floor finishes * Guarantee certified by an independent structural engineer. * Customised fitted furniture to your individual requirement.

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