MOA 15 features premium materials while taking a minimalistic approach. Custom fabricated components give it its contemporary exterior. This space reveals a comfortable interior, giving you ample opportunity to maximise its potential. Featuring a high-end finish, this is an economical studio that refuses to compromise on quality or space.

W 3.77m x D 4.04m x H 3m
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MOA 20 is one of our signature studios and offers thoughtful details, giving you more interior space to avail of. This studio features an additional fixed glazed screen, designed to capture more light throughout the year. Introducing an external seat and internal concealed storage units, space is used to its potential. Our timber cladding profile helps our contemporary design fit seamlessly into your garden.

W 5.11m X D 3.95m X H 3m
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MOA 24 pushes flexibility even further, giving you generous space and a better connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Ideal for open home or commercial offices, this signature build is perfectly proportioned with a sustainable hardwood timber cladding of your choice. Despite its contemporary nature, MOA 24 sits easily in a natural garden environment.

W 6.07m X 3.95m X H 3m
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Exceptional design and functionality, MOA Carbon showcases the unique features we offer as a company. Stylish yet subtle, our premium signature studio will fit effortlessly into the natural surroundings of your garden. With an aim of maximising both space and natural light, the innovative MOA Carbon is unlike anything else available and will take pride of place in your garden.

W 5.99m x D 4.92m x H 3m
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MOA Platinum is distinctive and unmatched when compared to the studio market here in Ireland. We introduce the Sliding Patio Door in order to optimise both natural light and space. With more room to take advantage of, MOA Platinum will highlight the added versatility available to you and your family.

W 7.10m x D 4.92m x H 3m
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